因为雇主们正在努力应对滞涨, 流行的复苏, 远程工作, 劳动力短缺, 付给员工多少薪水从来没有像现在这样微妙和复杂. 更甚于以往, the quantity 和 quality of the employee compensation information you use are critical.

美世 has the world's largest 和 most comprehensive workforce 奖励 data – so you can always be sure you are making the right remuneration decisions. 


这是一个吸引和留住人才的复杂时代. When it comes to employee compensation – a fundamental tool in the workforce 奖励 toolbox – there are now arguably more factors to consider than at any other time:

  • How do you know you are paying fairly across your geographically diverse locations?
  • 与行业标准相比,你的薪酬是否过高或过低?
  • How do you balance market-wide wage stagnation with compensating becoming a resignation impetus?
  • How do you assemble the elements you need to build a market-leading employee 奖励 programme?
  • 什么时候是进行员工薪酬审计的合适时机?
  • 你能证明你的员工薪酬决定是合理的吗?
  • 现在一个好的员工薪酬策略是什么样的?
  • Given all the factors in flux, do you need the expertise of a compensation consultant?

The global talent scarcity means your compensation plans need not only to be robust, 但要在当地脱颖而出, 区域, 在世界各地.

美世 can partner with you to answer all these critical questions 和更多的 with our total remuneration data, 咨询服务. 

超过45个国家的员工薪酬数据,全球共有000个参与组织, 其中包括2000多万在职者, 引用400年,000年的角色.


美世总薪酬调查 (TRS) is built on more than 20 years of experience 和 expertise. It is the world's largest 和 most comprehensive employee total remuneration resource, 包括140多个地点的福利数据.

TRS的基础是特殊的数据. 但除了数据,TRS还得到了最新数据的支持 美世的见解和研究, so you can be certain that you are making considered employee compensation decisions based on expert knowledge.

美世TRS及时提供, 准确的, 高质量的薪酬信息, 无论何时何地,只要你需要.




Why do organisations across the world choose TRS for their employee compensation?

美世’s TRS results give you access to comprehensive employee total remuneration survey featuring over 45,全球共有000个参与组织, 超过2000万在职人员和400名,在当地各级创造1000个就业岗位, 区域和全球. TRS提供一致的, 准确的, 高质量的数据涵盖了员工的全部奖励方案, 从基本工资到总薪酬和福利. 查看 宣传册 和 样品报告 了解更多.

TRS在全球范围内采用相同的方法,而不考虑位置. 整个数据库的基础是 美世工作图书馆 目录和位置编码,以及 国际位置评估(IPE) 全局一致性系统. 美世工作图书馆 is a globally consistent catalogue for 美世's compensation 和 benefits surveys, providing benchmarking analysis approach covering nearly every job existing on the market.

各机构的薪酬政策摘要, 其中包括薪资预算预测, 按员工群体划分的薪酬组合, 短期和长期激励全球和本地实践, 还有福利.

You will have a chance to attend survey meetings happening twice a year 和 network with other HR professionals facing similar issues. The kick-off survey meeting at the beginning of the survey data collection process 和 the post-survey meeting once the survey results are published. 这里你可以看到 即将举行的活动时间表.

简单的在线数据提交 美世数据连接器 which allows you to share your survey data with us faster with seamless importing, 网上职位匹配, 实时跟踪. 使用数百万个数据点, 美世数据连接器 uses a proprietary algorithm to search 和 compare your position titles to the 美世工作图书馆. It is the first component of the Data-as-a-Service portal that revolutionises online data acquisition.

调查结果通过 美世赢® 它允许您创建适合您需求的自定义统计数据, 基于同伴群体, 营收规模, 员工总数, 和更多的. 同时分析各个市场的数据, 创建无限对等组, 细化市场, 比较你的数据和. 市场,合并工作,导出到Excel,以及更多. 所有这些都不需要额外的费用!

作为美世的客户你有权独家使用 美世资源中心 - a dedicated space with a complete library of training 和 information resources about 美世’s survey incl. TRS 和 other solutions - all in one place - to get you ready to become a participate 和 take full advantage of the survey results.

我们的 全酬会籍计划 提高我们所提供的资讯服务的价值. Being a member unlocks a discounted rate as well as a personal client relationship where we partner with you to meet your organisational goals.


提供一系列不同的选择, 轻松访问数据, 带领你的组织走向成功所需的工具和见解.

全酬会籍计划 = global employee compensation data 和 services

美世 全酬会籍计划 提高我们所提供的资讯服务的价值.

成为会员,您可以享受无与伦比的折扣优惠, 和 a personal 和 privileged relationship in which your success is the ultimate outcome.


  1. 完整访问整个全局数据库, TRS全球会员套餐提供超过50%的折扣! 
  2. 选择灵活的TRS区域套餐,包括您选择的国家.


  • Access the largest 和 highest quality employee compensation resource with special pricing arrangements.
  • Move away from typical "vendor relationships" 和 enjoy the benefits of a true partnership with your information supplier.
  • Global administration 和 coordination of participation, invoicing, 和 delivery.
  • A dedicated client relationship manager to act as a single point of contact, 加上当地的联系人需要.
  • Attendance at annual meetings with an opportunity to network with colleagues addressing similar issues.
  • 网上直播“复习课程” 美世数据连接器 -我们的网上调查参与申请工具和 美世赢® -我们的在线数据分析和调查结果交付工具.


美世’s industry experts continually evaluate market challenges 和 trends, delivering fresh perspectives 和 innovative approaches to address your most pressing people challenges. 我们的综合经验, 行业的见解, comprehensive data 和 analytical capabilities help organisations customise their strategies to achieve their goals 和 deliver successful outcomes.

当你需要深入你的行业时,我们可以. 美世专注于员工薪酬和福利基准, 分析, 和 insights with everything from market surveys through to custom analysis.

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